Modular cabins

Modular cabins can be used to come up with different solutions quickly, easily and at a reasonable price – office accommodations, offices, retail premises, hospitals, nursery schools, schools, dwellings and much more.

The advantage of a modular cabin is that you can add another portable cabin to make the room bigger. Besides, you can transport the portable cabins to a new location – demonstrate the new solution and install it in a new place.

Modular cabins can be used to build a building of up to three-storeys.
They are meant for long-term or temporary solutions.

Why is a modular cabin the best solution?

  • Fast delivery and installation

  • Portable cabins have the necessary certificates in accordance with the EU standards

  • Portable cabins are available in different colours according to the RAL colour code

  • These can be easily extended or made smaller

  • They can be easily transported to a new location

Write or call us, tell us more about what you are looking for, and we will find a solution that meets your needs.

Technical data of the portable cabin.